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Using Mobile Technology to Influence Health Care Reform

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Mobile Marketer published an article this morning in which many mobile industry experts shared their opinions on ways the government could use mobile technology to help pass health care reform legislation. This seems like the perfect opportunity to share some of the exciting ways our customers have been using mobile to influence health care legislation over the past few months. True Majority sent a text message broadcast asking people to call their Senators before they went on summer recess and pass health care reform.


#ela2009 thursday presentations: mobile learning for health care workers

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Paper on Continuing Medical Education through mobile devices for Health Care Workers in Developing Countries

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At the end of this month I will be attending IADIS INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE MOBILE LEARNING 2009 in Barcelona, Spain. It runs from 26 to 28 February 2009. For this conference my colleagues and I have written a paper on Continuing Medical Education via mobile forhealth care workers in developing countries.

Thursday: AARP Endorses the House Health Care Bill. Friday: AARP Turns to Mobile Commons to Drive Calls to Congress. Saturday: Bill Passes the House.

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Additionally,  AFSCME , working with the Watershed Company , used a combination of paid online media, email, and text messages to drive thousands of calls to congress this week through our voice advocacy applications to give a voice to their supporters and help pass the health care bill.  As did the Communications Workers of America , Planned Parenthood , Working America (AFL-CIO) and others. AARP  members who were signed up to receive mobile alerts through Mobile Commons received a text Friday morning asking them to call their Congressional representatives.

A tool for screening #gender and #ethnicity in #mobile courses

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2009). This simple tool was initially build to construct interactive mobile courses for health care workers in different developing regions, but with the rise of MOOC, I figure it could be used for all global courses. First of all a wonderful 2014 with lots of inspiring moments and growing wisdom! Name: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies , 3 , 77-78.

Mobiles, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Merge — MobileBeyond

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Health care became an electronic collaboration of patient and provider, driving down health costs, improving physical and mental well-being. Copyright © MobileBeyond 2009. But it was a special day–an inevitable one–when mobile devices, artificial intelligence and cloud computing merged. All became real. Reality became anything people wanted it to be.

parrallel session #eden09 thursday morning that I attended

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"The use of a peer-assessment and a reflection report to measure collaborating learning efoorts an interdisciplinary project for studetns of the faculty of teacher training, the faculty of social work and welfare studies, and athe faculty of health care" by Kristof Uvijn, Hogeschool Gent, Belgium. nice person with glasses, a black shirt.

Mobile Healthcare Apps Exemplify m-Learning

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And using consumer technologies offers another big advantage, it allows the patient to proactively handle their health care by carrying their records with them on their mobile device. I try to be fairly broad with my resources as I research mobile learning and the mobile lifestyle in general. The latest article I came across is from Information Week, here’s a link to the the “ Top iPhone Healthcare Apps &# article. Doctors have really taken to mobile technology in a way that most of us have not. Information Week references AllOne in another article.

#EDEN09 thursday blogpost schedule

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The parallel sessions of today " The use of a peer-assessment and a reflection report to measure collaborating learning efoorts an interdisciplinary project for studetns of the faculty of teacher training, the faculty of social work and welfare studies, and athe faculty of health care " by Kristof Uvijn, Hogeschool Gent, Belgium (sorry no picture, kristof get your stars out!).

Challenge Based Learning w’ Marco Torres

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Marco spoke about how the big challenge for the US in coming out of the financial crisis is to sove its problems in three areas: sustainability, health care, and education. I had the great pleasure this week of attending a colloqium with well-known ADE Marco Torres. At this event, we got to hear in a conversational atmosphere from Marco’s substantial international perspective on how technology can engage learners and transform learning. The man himself teachers at a large (5000+) highschool in California, where he has just been named Educator of the year. Solution?

Defining Mobile Learning Isn’t Enough | Knowledge Management System (KMS) Blog

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2009). 2009). Retrieved December 30, 2009, from [link] Motiwalla, L.F. Plus, I have a very talented student right now who is working on a dissertation about mobile learning in higher education , and she has caused me to spend some sleepless nights thinking a lot about this. The definitions of mobile learning that I’ve read and have found, I believe are incomplete. Mantei, J.,

Mobile Commons Appoints Anthony Risicato as CEO and Expands Client Rosterd

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New York — August 19th, 2009 — Mobile Commons, Inc., a pioneer of easy-to-use technology for mobile marketing campaigns, today announced the appointment of Anthony M. Mobile Commons’ mobile messaging platform provides innovative solutions to marketers and agencies for mobile campaign management. Risicato as its Chief Executive Officer. In addition, the company announced that it is expanding its partnerships with agencies on mobile marketing campaigns, leveraging its robust technology platform. Includes powerful geo-location technology. About Mobile Commons.

Mobile Commons, 9/11 Memorial and NASCAR Partner on “Text to Remember” Program

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NEW YORK – September 10, 2009 – Mobile Commons, Inc. , a pioneer of easy-to-use technology for mobile marketing campaigns, today announced its partnership with the National September 11th Memorial & Museum and NASCAR in launching the “Text to Remember” program. This program is being promoted in conjunction with the NASCAR Nationwide Series on September 11, 2009. Public can add name to 9/11 “Honor Roll” with option to donate $5 via text message. custom racecar, designed by the North South Motorsports team, will be unveiled and driven by Benny Gordon. About Mobile Commons.

Mobile Learning: Cellular Phones as Learning Tools « Compassion in Politics: Christian Social Entrepreneurship, Education Innovation, & Base of the Pyramid/BOP Solutions

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eSCART2008: an online course for low resource settings - the final report

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In a couple of weeks ITM starts another eLearning course for health care workers in the field specializing in ART (AntiRetroviral Therapy). The coordinator of this medical eLearning course (and main tutor) is Verena Renggli she will go and work for the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Basel beginning 2009 ( she returns to her home country: Switzerland ).

mLearning Is the New Custom eLearning @

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For example, an application designed to run on Apple products that helps the user identify plants and offers care instructions is actually an m-learning teaching tool, though most users may not think about the fact that they are really learning.  SilkWeb creates both off-the-shelf and custom eLearning courses for a variety of clients in the fields of higher education, health care, business, government, automotive, and non-profits. This goal can be achieved by school health education. Comments Tags: Custom , eLearning , mLearning. Though technologyâ??s 0.860 seconds.

ramblings: Learning with ‘Appropriate’ Technology in Africa: PC Labs or Mobile Phones

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► February (1) e-Learning - The Next Wave ► 2009 (2) ► December (2) Mobile Health Care in Cambodia MirandaMod About Me John Traxler View my complete profile. With anything other than the simplest system, these are complicated, unclear and often contested. Is it infrastructure, capacity and organisation? Is it national, cultural and linguistic diversity?

Relevant Science: "Mobile Learning: Trends and Challenges"

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